About Us

Your Next Car is the future of buying and selling cars online. Your Next Car is specifically designed to make buying cars online a safe, streamlined and enjoyable experience. As you shall see, there is a reduction in adverts, removal of gimmicks and disposal of irrelevant information from listings. Your Next Car is a clean, ultra-modern, easy to use and fast means of finding your next car. Working closely with car dealerships, Your Next Car has removed many unnecessary questions pre-enquiry on the vehicle.

Furthermore, as dealerships can set their own finance rates, consumers can assess factual and live finance options as this is the most common form of car purchase. Communicating between dealer and seller has never been more fluid, thanks to the internal messaging system, you can now message a number of dealers and keep those conversations all in one place. No delays or lost emails. No need to remember where you were on that vehicle negotiation and the same applies to dealerships.

One central location for all conversations. Furthermore, Your Next Car is much more than simply an online car portal. It is a community with forums and other connected services such as YouTube videos from your YouTube stars reviewing your favourite cars, car meet information, owners clubs, top car products, car related services and show dates and times.

Your Next Car combines all that is car related for the benefit of users and dealerships. Very different to any other platform and the future of buying your next car online.

Who Are We?

Danny Nevill – Founder

Danny Nevill is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, founder of many successful businesses and a self made millionaire.

He is highly experienced in digital marketing with global brands and is able to apply proven practices to benefit all businesses.

Danny is a true car enthusiast who owns both an Audi R8 and Porsche 911 and he understands what car buyers want online. He is keen to help car dealerships ease the pressures of high monthly costs that rival platforms charge.

Danny aims to unify all car dealerships throughout the UK with a central platform owned by car dealers with low monthly costs and high returns.

James Leighton – Sales Director

James has a background in IT Support with over 25 years working as a Small Business Owner within the Financial, Banking and Insurance sectors.

He also has over twelve years of sales experience in the Health & Nutrition market and is used to working directly with high end clients and promoting excellent customer service skills.

Furthermore, he is a Mentor, Coach and Trainer to small business owners in the Essex and London areas.

A lifelong fan of motor sport, especially Formula 1 with a love for all things Ferrari.

Tel: 020 3399 8060  Email: james.leighton@your-next-car.com

Lee Taylor – Finance Director

Lee Taylor is the appointed Finance Director for Your Next Car to ensure the investment structure for car dealerships is processed effectively and correctly.

Lee is able to utilise investment related schemes and opportunities available to business owners such as car dealerships which can result in a 30% tax applicable saving upon your initial investment (Pending Government Approval).

Furthermore, Lee is an expert in the extraction of such funds upon sale of shares or profits made.

Lee is available to answer any questions and process your share certification following your payment for your share – 01206 266 692 lee@protaxaccounting.co.uk