Evening Standard - Best GPS Trackers for cars

Best All-Round Performance & Usability:

iTrack TK102 Mini GPS Tracker

We found this neat little tracker marvellously easy-to-use. You can check its location by simply calling the mobile number of the SIM loaded into the device. More…

Best for Versatility:

Invoxia GPS Tracker

The Invoxia is an excellent, user-friendly, multi-purpose GPS tracker, ideal for tracking cars, motorbikes, bags and just about anything else that can be moved from place to place. More…

Best for High Performance and Long Life:

iTrack GPS108 Long Life GPS Tracker

iTrack’s Long Life GPS tracker does indeed stay independently powered for a long time – as much as 6 years on a single charge, according to the manufacturer. We’ll be sure to confirm this for our readers by 2026. More…

Best for tracking a car via its OBD-II port:

Amacam AM-T22 GPS Tracker

This nifty tracker runs off a car’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port, by-passing the need for a bulky in-built battery, and also swerving the associated need for manual charging. More…

Best for Ease of Use:

Streetwize Accessories GPS Tracker

We found this tracker very easy-to-use in the car, and we could also see it coming in handy for tracking pets, monitoring vulnerable relatives, or keeping tabs on valuable possessions. More…